Our Obstetricians

Dr Lisa Begg

Dr Lisa Begg is one of a small group of specialist obstetricians in Australia who have obtained further training and sub-specialist certification in maternal-fetal medicine, which involves the...

Dr Hong Tran

Dr Hong Tran completed her medical degree at Melbourne University and trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Women’s Hospital. She was the Principal Registrar of the Women’s...

Dr Karen Williamson

Born in the Scottish city of Glasgow, Karen came to Melbourne as a child, but she hasn’t completely lost her accent. As an obstetrician, Karen is dedicated to...

Dr Adele Zito

Introducing Dr Adele Zito. Adele is working as part of the team but not yet taking her own patients.

Adele was born and raised in the coastal town of...

Our doctors share patient care and expertise to provide 24-hour specialist care during your pregnancy and birth.
At Grow Obstetrics you choose your primary obstetrician to care for you during your pregnancy. You will also have the opportunity to meet and share antenatal visits with the other obstetricians in the group. This allows for a level of comfort and familiarity should another obstetrician within the group be required to assist with your delivery.

We have a roster system for after hours and weekends, so that any after-hours management of labour or emergencies is undertaken by the on-call obstetrician.

Why Choose Grow Obstetrics for your pregnancy?

At Grow Obstetrics, we believe that our group practice provides patients with several key benefits:

  • We are all mothers
  • Female only practice
  • You have access to the knowledge and expertise of four obstetricians
  • You have the option of meeting with other doctors within the group
  • Your medical records and pregnancy management will always be accessible to the doctor on-call
  • Our rooms are on the same floor as the Freemasons delivery suite.

Our Friendly Staff

The Grow doctors are supported by an experienced, warm and friendly administration team dedicated to providing you with the highest level of patient care.  Our staff are available Monday to Friday to answer your questions and ensure your pregnancy care runs smoothly and efficiently. To speak to a member of our team, call 9418 8488.