Patient Resources

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The Epworth Freemasons Maternity Hospital

Information about the Epworth Freemasons Maternity Hospital – including a virtual tour of the facilities and FAQ

The Royal Women’s Hospital

Health information fact sheets from the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne

Better Health Channel

A Victorian government site providing reliable health and medical information

Calm Birth

Find out about calmbirth®  and find courses and practioners


Baby’s Movements & What They Mean

Information about healthy eating in pregnancy

Australian Multiple Birth Association

AMBA is a not for profit organisation providing support, resources and education to families expecting twins or triplets

Choice – Babies and Kids

Choice – independent tests and reviews of baby and toddler equipment

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Information about prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Help with Settling Baby to Sleep

An Australian parenting website, this site provides some useful information about common children’s sleep problems

Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Information about healthy eating in pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes

Information on gestational diabetes from Diabetes Australia

Exercise in Pregnancy

Pregnancy used to signal the end of a woman’s sporting career but in recent years many great female athletes have returned to their sport to compete at the highest levels following the birth of a baby

Exercise after Pregnancy

Advice about exercise after childbirth from Sports Medicine Australia. A brochure on what baby’s movements mean and tips on how to keep check on your baby’s health by being aware of their movements


Maternal and Child Health

Find contact information for your local maternal child health service

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Helpline

A general health website containing information on pregnancy, birth and parenting in the first 12 months

Parentline Victoria

Parentline Victoria provides a telephone counselling service for parents

Paid Parental Leave

Australian Government website for information on paid parental leave

Medication & Immunisation

Medicines Information Centre

Ask a pharmacist about the safety of medication in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Swine Flu

Information about swine flu provided by the Department of Health, Victoria

Whooping Cough Vaccine

Information about the Whooping Cough vaccine provided by the Department of Health, Victoria

Hepatitis B Vaccine for Infants

Information about the Hepatitis B vaccine provided by the Department of Health, Victoria

Vitamin K Injection for Newborn Babies

Information about the infant vitamin K injection provided by the National Health and Medical Research Council


The Australian Breastfeeding Association

The leading source of breastfeeding information and support in Australia – this organisation provides a 24hr telephone helpline for breastfeeding support