Twins: A Practical Guide to Parenting Twins

Katrina Bowman and Louise Ryan

An updated edition of this user-friendly guide to having and parenting more than one baby/toddler at the same time Each author of this book had the same thought upon being told she was having twins, once she recovered from the shock: buy a book that explains what to expect in order to get organized and to prepare emotionally and physically for the anticipated upheaval to her life. When they couldn’t find such a text, they decided to write it themselves.

Based on extensive research as well as their own and other twin parents’ experiences of pregnancy, birth, and twin toddlers, Katrina and Louise offer sound practical advice that is backed up by medical practitioners and health professionals where relevant. Detailed information with user-friendly explanations of medical jargon is peppered with amusing and moving stories of catastrophe, chaos, and coping. There are at-a-glance hints and survival tips at the end of each chapter and easy-reference tables of information throughout. The number of multiple births is rapidly increasing due to IVF and the older age range of new mothers. More people are having twins (or multiples) than ever before. This is the book they have to have.

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