When is it safe to…

Go to the dentist?

Good oral hygiene is important during pregnancy. It is common to have bleeding gums while pregnant, and if you have not had a recent dental check we recommend that you book in for one. Be sure to let your dentist know you are pregnant. Dental emergencies can be treated in any trimester of pregnancy and it is safe to have local anaesthetic, dental x-rays or antibiotics if required. Elective procedures that can be postponed should be delayed until after the birth of your baby.

Use hair dye?

There are no known problems with colouring your hair in pregnancy.

Have a spray tan?

There are no known harmful effects of having a spray tan or using fake tan in pregnancy.

Drive after a caesarean section?

Drive only when you feel comfortable that you are in control of the car and can turn in your seat and wear a seatbelt with ease. This is usually after two weeks for an automatic car but may take up to six weeks for a manual car.

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