So you’re going to be a Dad

Peter Downey

So You’re Going to be a Dad is a book that explodes the myths – a tough, uncompromising, no-holds-barred, no-beg-your-pardons look at fatherhood, from the sperm that started it all to the sleep deprivation you’ll suffer as a consequence. In his wry and very funny style, Peter Downey tells all about the trials and joys of parenting, including advice about pregnancy, childbirth and baby care, and examines issues of vital importance such as:

  • what to say – and what not to say – when you hear the news
  • taking care of mums-to-be
  • why embryos look like the monster in Alien
  • names not to call your baby
  • what childbirth feels like
  • how many cameras you should take to the birth
  • ‘Who was the superior Batman: Michael Keaton or Adam West?’
  • your baby’s development
  • baby-proofing your home
  • how much this is all going to cost
  • and lots of stuff about sex

But that’s not all! Complete with a glossary full of handy words new dads will need to know and a lot more that they won’t, plus the films to watch and the ones to avoid, and words of wisdom from real live fathers, So You’re Going to be a Dad is without doubt one of the greatest parental education books ever written.

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