What to Expect when your Wife is Expanding

Thomas Hill

The third edition of the best, funniest father’s guide to having a baby, What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding, is now thoroughly revised and updated, but it’s still packed with information, advice, and attitude distinctively for guys.

Originally conceived as a little parody, just something funny and helpful for the expectant man, the book is now a classic gift, passed knowingly from one generation of first-time papas to the next. With this lighthearted, month-by-month instruction manual on the care and nurture of a pregnant wife–the main role of expectant dads–he’ll handle all the important milestones and topics:

  • what not to say during the three phases of labor
  • what to buy, how many, and when
  • maintaining work-life balance
  • maintaining work-life-wife balance.

New features in What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding include:

  • The minefield: the wrong gifts for your pregnant wife
  • Social media pregnancy etiquette: status update!
  • Eight reasons why not to pick out maternity clothes

What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding also features the latest trends! Festive gender-reveal parties. (Really!) Updated baby name guide, including Twitter hash tags. Cloth diapers: The debate is back!

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